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Neil Patel -


By 2020, 50% of all search queries will be made by voice. The way we interact with the internet is changing fast. As you navigate this rapidly evolving environment, I will provide a helping hand by supplying the following services:

I enjoy collaborating with developers, designers and users in order to make the best possible product. I am a technical & creative problem solver based in the United Kingdom. Passionate about building the next big thing using Human-Centered Design, with deep understanding and empathy for users, I have launched successful products and features on multiple platforms.

I can help you understand the product development process: user stories, personas, emotional design, simplicity, usability and testing.

Voice applications are still new. So the first time you build a voice app, you have to be realistic. It may require additional iterations, time, testing and feedback to add value to the customer and your bottom line.

The good news is: 58 million smart speakers will be sold in 2018. And 75% of US households are expected to have smart speakers by 2020. So you can see the awesome opportunities out there in any industry. I can provide you with research, insight, creativity, production and deployment to bring your idea to life!


current voice apps



Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), AWS, Cloudwatch, Lambda, SSML, Node.js, IAM.

Designing for voice – user stories, writing scripts, flow development, Amazon Storywriter

Ruby on Rails,

GIT, Heroku, Amazon S3



Chrome Web Tools



Actionable/ Redis / Websockets

TDD – Rspec/Cucumber/FactoryGirl/Fixtures/Mintest

Postgres / SQL


Basic Machine Learning & IoT using Arduino UNO

Puma / Webrick


API – Mailchimp, Google, Linkedin , Instagram, New Relic, Mandrill , Dropbox.

Payments – Stripe API

CodeClimate / Rubocop / Travis / Airbrake / Debugger / PRY

Pair Programming

Weekly Sprints / Daily standups / Trello  / Pivotal Tracker

Enjoy: Podcasting, Tech For Good Projects, Writing, Blogging, Coffee & Trying to keep fit!

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Current Side projects (MVP, WIP) – Please Try, would love feedback!


KebabBot– Just what your drunk A$$ needs at 3am!

text hello to +44 114 303 2622 (toll-free in the UK) – It won’t really order a kebab its an example! ( but please try it!)

kebabBot Screenshot

Indian Startup Show Bot – Find out stats, Listener Locations, Guest Info and more! – click on send a message and type hello to get started

Indian Startup Show Bot

Display ads on what the user looks like – Delivering dynamically targeted advertisement content (using detect faces API)

detect faces API - neil patel

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 18.58.14

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 19.03.55

Javascript / Front end tips


Products built