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About Me

Neil Patel -


I enjoy collaborating with developers, designers and users in order to make the best possible product. I am a technical & creative problem solver based in the United Kingdom. Passionate about building the next big thing using Human-Centered Design, with deep understanding and empathy for users. 


Ruby 2, Rails 4+ GIT, Heroku

HTML5/ CSS3 /Javascript

Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), Cloudwatch, AWS Lambda, SSML, Node.js, Amazon DB, IAM. IBM Watson
Designing for voice – user stories, writing scripts, flow development

API’s – Google, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twillo

Creating chatbots using Amazon LEX & Facebook Messenger

UI design  – sketches, wireframes, mockups

UX design  – user research, user testing, user journey, user experience

Enjoy: Podcasting, Tech For Good Projects, Writing, Blogging, Coffee & Trying to keep fit!

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Current Side projects (MVP, WIP) – Please Try, would love feedback!

current voice apps

KebabBot– Just what your drunk A$$ needs at 3am!

text hello to  (toll-free in the UK) – It won’t really order a kebab its an example! ( but please try it!)

kebabBot Screenshot

Indian Startup Show Bot – Find out stats, Listener Locations, Guest Info and more! – click on send a message and type hello to get started

Indian Startup Show Bot

Display ads on what the user looks like – Delivering dynamically targeted advertisement content (using detect faces API)

detect faces API - neil patel

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 18.58.14

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 19.03.55

Javascript / Front end tips


Products built