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About Me

Neil Patel -


Technical & creative problem solver based in the United Kingdom. Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business informatics. Also certified as a Microsoft engineer and a Xerox engineer in South Africa. Have a wide range of experience to draw from, having been everything from an account executive to a developer. Love travelling, even studying in India and spending time working in South Africa.

Currently Voice App Developer – design, development ,& testing, voice-based applications.

Also worked for Sincuru – A startup trying to end food waste ($18bn tonnes of food gets wasted!) so we created the “eBay for food waste” Which was part of the Bethnal Green Ventures Tech accelerator

Previously a Ruby on Rails developer & working for Goodgym. GoodGym helps you get fit by doing good.

Enjoy collaborating with developers, designers and users in order to make the best possible product. Been to many hackathons and created the world’s first ever Indian wedding iPhone App

Understand the product development process: user stories, personas, emotional design, simplicity, usability and heuristic testing.

Passionate about building the next big thing, using Human-Centered Design.  Deep understanding and empathy for users. Launched multiple successful products and features  on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, desktop, and web)



Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), AWS, Cloudwatch, Lambda, SSML, Node.js, IAM.

Designing for voice – user stories, writing scripts, flow development, Amazon Storywriter

Ruby on Rails,

GIT, Heroku, Amazon S3



Chrome Web Tools



Actionable/ Redis / Websockets

TDD – Rspec/Cucumber/FactoryGirl/Fixtures/Mintest

Postgres / SQL


Basic Machine Learning & IoT using Arduino UNO

Puma / Webrick


API – Mailchimp, Google, Linkedin , Instagram, New Relic, Mandrill , Dropbox.

Payments – Stripe API

CodeClimate / Rubocop / Travis / Airbrake / Debugger / PRY

Pair Programming

Weekly Sprints / Daily standups / Trello  / Pivotal Tracker

Enjoy: Podcasting, Tech For Good Projects, Writing, Blogging, Coffee & Trying to keep fit!

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Current Side projects (MVP, WIP) – Please Try, would love feedback!

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Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 19.03.55

Javascript / Front end tips


Products built






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