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So let’s say you’re building a side project, startup, or a curious geek and you’re surfing the Internet for articles on bootstrapping your business, sales, design, marketing, copy, psychology, UI/UX, or any of the other topics that can help your business be even more successful.

Well, if that’s the case then you’ve probably noticed there is a literal ton of information out there. Actually if you printed out the Internet it would be over 600,000 tons, and that’s just way too much. Most of it is pretty bad information, boring articles, or pictures of cats. That’s cute, but overwhelming, so what’s the solution? Let us sort it out for you!

There are lots of great services out there for rounding up the best of the best on the Internet, but who wants to subscribe to all these sites and flood your inbox? Now you don’t have to! We’ll subscribe to them for you and deliver a newsletter with the best of the best lovingly placed in your inbox every week for you to read. And we’ll even send you a few of those cat pictures too, if you want!

I will send you 4 links a week on bootstrapping hand-picked , once a week
No need to search for it, it will be in your inbox once a week, no spam no BS.