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Currently working on creating voice first apps using Alexa Skill Kit, AWS & Amazon Lex.


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Get in this day in history facts from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one the largest and most popular general reference works on the Internet,


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Travel Helper Skill – AMAZON STORE

Wherever you plan to go in the world you need to consider accommodation & food. Which can vary hugely depending on where you travel. This Alexa Travel skill will give you the average daily price of travelling.


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Guess the animal – AMAZON STORE

This is a jumbled letters game that contains 10 animals. Try guessing them by spelling out the correct animal.

Open the skill by saying “Alexa open guess the animal”
Guess the animal by spelling it out in the right order first, then say the whole word

For example, if you guess bear, then you will have to say ‘ is it B E A R bear ‘ or B E A R bear
You have 3 attempts to get it right!
For every correct answer, you score 1 point!


Breathe Coach – AMAZON STORE

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The aim of the skill is to help you breathe better. Most people are only using about 25 to 30 per cent of their lung, Numerous studies show that deep breathing promotes calmness.

So it will mean less stress! It will improve your physical, mental and emotional state. You will feel lighter and full of hope.

You can ask me for the instructions. practice. or start a one to one session. Its very easy and only takes 2 mins.


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Bed Yoga – AMAZON STORE (Including Reviews) 

Waking up in your lovely warm bed, why not try some simple yoga moves to get your mind body and soul feel refreshed!

Quick & easy to do – only takes 5 mins a day
It will help you feel much better
Anyone can do it

Music by Max Sergeev from Fugue



3-minute meditation – AMAZON STORE (including ratings)

Don’t spend 5 hours in a monastery –  Do this and get instant calm in 3 minutes

This is a much-needed skill for most people. Learning to meditate is far easier than most people think. The skill will I walk you through a simple 3 minute guided meditation. ideal for beginners or those still having trouble meditating. It’s a simple technique that can be practised by anyone, without having to silence your mind. It’s powerful and effective and calming for the wandering mind.

Music by Max Sergeev from Fugue